Thursday, June 06, 2002

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Great presentation on the MX vision from Jeremy Allaire now online:

Wednesday, June 05, 2002

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Some tricks for getting a page to delay execution for a while on the server side while consuming minimum system resources. As opposed to looping infinitely which will cause processor peaks.

Force a lock contention and trap the resulting error - This one seems to be the best for versions prior to CFMX.

<cfset sleep = 2>
<cfset start = getTickCount()>
<cflock name="foo" timeout="#sleep#" type="ReadOnly">
<cflock name="foo" timeout="#sleep#" type="Exclusive">
<!---waiting... for 20 seconds--->
<cfset time = getTickCount() - start>

Use cfexecute to invoke a process that either runs continuously, or doesn't stop for a while, and doesn't consume many system resources. This could also be done with cfftp, cfhttp, or a bunch of other external calls that are likely to take a while.

<cfset start = getTickCount()>
<cfexecute name="c:\cfusion\bin\cfstat.exe" timeout="2"/>
<cfset timer = getTickCount() - start>


<cfset start = getTickCount()>
<cfset args = arrayNew(1)>
<cfset args[1] = '-n'>
<cfset args[2] = '1000'>
<cfset args[3] = 'localhost'>
<cfexecute name="c:\winnt\system32\ping.exe" arguments="#args#" timeout="5"/>
<cfset timer = getTickCount() - start>

If you're running cfmx I'd recommend this.

function sleep(timeMillis) {
var thread = createObject("java", "java.lang.Thread");

Sunday, June 02, 2002

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Decided to post this custom tag I wrote a while ago. It reads the information from an image file and retrieves info such as file size in bytes, height, width, and some other file format specific info. Works for a range of file types such as tiff, gif, jpeg, ras, bmp, and png.


1. Download file
2. Extract to directory under the webroot
3. Browse to index.cfm in the imgsize directory.